Restoring Vision

Carefully, Precisely,
One Patient at a Time!

Nicholas and Marie Tonner - Bronx, NY

new york eye care patient“Everyone at our fishing club has talked about the fact that “sooner or later” if you live long enough you would likely face the “CATARACT” decision. Some of our members had sought out Dr. Lippman…his reputation for excellent outcomes and the fact that he is a professor at New York Medical College was quite impressive. We met him…he spoke to us in a very caring way, and did not try to rush our decision. We had heard about the “old” procedure with sand bags, and day and weeks of recuperation…and we learned from Dr. Lippman that the “No Needle No Stitch” procedure he uses is faster, pain free, and you’re back to your normal life in a short time. So we went ahead. Today the “halos” we used to see around lights are gone…and we go fishing every day the weather lets us.”

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