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Vision Correction Westchester County, NY

vision correction westchester county new york
As a leading Westchester county laser eye surgery specialist, Dr. Lippman has helped numerous patients achieve their vision correction goals. Renowned as a highly skilled LASIK and cataract surgeon, Dr. Lippman is also one of the most experienced clear lens exchange (CLE), corneal transplants and glaucoma therapy specialists in the New York area. He has dedicated his career to helping patients realize their vision correction dreams. Using a unique combination of surgical talent, compassionate attitude and latest technologies, Dr. Lippman consistently delivers treatment results that meet or surpass the expectations of his patients.

Please use our contact page to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Lippman, during which time he will assess your eye and overall health, discuss your vision correction needs and goals, and recommend the most suitable treatment.
Dr. Lippman’s training and experience allow him to offer his patients a variety of sophisticated vision correction procedures. He is proud to be one of the few surgeons in Peekskill, White Plains and Scarsdale who perform not only LASIK and PRK but also offer the leading-edge clear lens exchange (CLE) procedure and Visian implantable collamer lenses (ICLs):


These laser refractive surgeries work by adjusting the shape of the cornea so that it can refract light rays properly — the key to clear vision. Both procedures use an excimer laser to reshape the corneal surface. The results delivered by PRK and LASIK are similar in that many patients are able to achieve clear vision at various distances without glasses. The major difference between the two surgical approaches is that LASIK involves creation of the corneal flap while PRK does not.

Clear Lens Exchange (CLE)

A CLE procedure is somewhat similar to the lens exchange performed during cataract surgery. However, the natural lens removed as part of cataract treatment is cloudy, while the lens removed during CLE procedure need not be damaged. The main reason for exchanging the eye’s natural lens with an artificial lens implant (IOL), such as Crystalens, or Restor Active Focus is to achieve sharper focus while reducing a patient’s dependence on glasses.

Visian ICLs

Similarly to IOLs used during CLE procedure, Visian ICLs are implanted in the patient’s eye. They  provide sharper focus and reduce or eliminate a patient’s dependence on glasses. The major difference between the CLE procedure and implantation of ICLs is that ICL implantation does not involve the removal of the eye’s natural lens. In addition, ICLs are only approved for the treatment of myopia while clear lens exchange can also treat hyperopia and astigmatism.